Saturday, October 22, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Shane Filan from Westlife

Beautiful In White, Everything, My Love, Uptown Girl.. Kalian pasti tau banget sama lagu-lagu ini kan? Yap betul banget! Lagu-lagu tersebut adalah hits song dari Shane Filan dan Westlife!! 

All Westlife fans dan Filaners pasti kangen banget kan sama boygroup legendaris asal Irlandia ini? Guess what, Full Color Entertainment berhasil mengundang kembali Shane Filan ke Indonesia! Gak cuma sehari, Shane ada di Indonesia selama 9 hari! Dalam tur nya ke Indonesia, Shane tampil di beberapa kota dan event. Diantaranya konser di Medan dan Jakarta, serta special guest star di wedding dan birthday party. Dan Full Color Entertainment sempat berbincang-bincang dengan handsome singer ini. Penasaran? Keep reading guys!

Q: Hi shane! How was your day in Indonesia? What do u think about your show in Jakarta and the other cities?

SF:I love coming to Asia and in particular to Indonesia. The fans here are so friendly and welcoming. I had some great shows here on this trip and in the past. And I look forward to coming here again soon I hope. 

Q: Your song "beautiful in white" is so popular in indonesia, especially among couples. What do u think about that? 
SF: It's funny because I had no idea that Beautiful In White was so popular. I only found out when I came here a few years ago and people kept asking me about it and I went online and saw that it had millions of views on YouTube. It's nice to know that the song is so special for so many people. 

Q: What do u think about your fans in indonesia? Any message for them?
SF: As I said, the fans here are amazing. I always feel very welcome here and I want to say thank you to everyone who came to see my shows and I hope I will see you all again very soon. 

Q: Please give your quotes or comments for Full color
SF: Thanks to david and everyone at full colour for bringing me to Indonesia this time, and I will be back soon I hope. 

We are really hope that you will back again to Indonesia Shane! We love you! ^^

Shane Filan with Full Color Team :)

Shane Filan with Cynthia Tan. The designer of  his performance outfit.

Thank you so much for coming to Indonesia, Shane!

If you want to invite Shane Filan to your event, party or wedding, do not hesitate to call us Full Color Entertainment :) 

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