Saturday, October 15, 2016

Farren's Sweet 17th Birthday Party "The Magical Wonderland" (at Pullman Hotel Thamrin)

“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible..”

Inspired by the movie Alice Through The Looking Glass, our birthday girl Farren wanted to create a magical and unique party, different with others. Located in Pullman Thamrin Hotel, we made a magical wonderland party that Farren wish for.

Let’s begin the adventure to “The Magical Wonderland”..

Just like Alice who go through lots of obstacle during her trip to Wonderland, the guests of Farren must go through it too before they reach Farren’s Wonderland.. First, they have to enter a haunted alley filled with creepy things, voices and ghosts. Believe me, you won’t dare to go there twice. And don’t get lost in the glass maze.  

Now, you have reach the end of the haunted alley. A cold breeze welcoming you and now you find yourself in the Wonderland! Welcome to Farren’s Wonderland, a place with lots of flowers, fun and magical things.

The long awaited Princess Farren entered the royal ballroom by magic! The great magician Marcel Wen present a very special magic trick, and at the end he present our princess from inside an empty box. Give big applause for Farren! Greeted on the stage by Edric Tjandra along with Rian from Full Color Party Star. Farren looks so stunning tonight with Red Alice Wonderland gown by Cynthia Tan.

“Welcome to my Wonderland. Let’s have fun together tonight!”

As I said, this Wonderland is full with surprises. A prince charming has waited Farren to give her a big surprise. It’s Shane Filan from Westlife! Shane Filan entered the ballroom with his unbelieveable charm and start to sing on the stage special for Farren and all guests. Shane performed his hits, Uptown Girl, My Love, Beautiful In White and more. And for the finale, Shane invited Farren on stage to sing a duet song with him. Shane Filan and Farren sing “Flying Without Wings”. It was so damn brilliant! A beautiful and unforgettable moment for all guests who see their collaboration.

We finally make Farren dream comes true by singing with her childhood idol Shane Filan from Westlife.

And last but not least, we have special performance by DJ WW from Blow Fish Resident doing a really great collaboration with DJ Josh from Full Color Party Star to begin the disco time. They start to play the music and makes everyone dancing under the disco ball, laser light and blitz.

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