Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Sweet 17th of Olivia "Pink Wonderland" at Holiday Inn Kemayoran

We welcoming you to the "Pink Wonderland"of Olivia. Pink Wonderland is a beautiful and happy place for all. A place where a beautiful and kind princess live. She is princess Olivia. And tonight, the Princess is celebrating her sweet 17th birthday party.

You will feel the wonderland once you step into the ballroom gate. Flowers everywhere, a dreamy carriage with white horse where you can sit and take photos. And you will see a luxurious castle inside the ballroom.

The royal ballroom dancers start the party with their beautiful dance. The finale, they went to pick up our princess. The awaited Princess Olivia entered the wonderland ballroom with the ballroom dancers and two funny pantomime. She looked wonderful wearing a pink gown by Cynthia Tan. She greeted by two special MC, they are Jonathan and Rian from Full Color Party Star.

"Hi everyone, welcome to my Pink Wonderland party. Let's have fun together tonight.."

After a nice dinner with family and friends, the party continues with candle ceremony with Olivia's best friends. Each of them have their own special wish for the princess. They wish for her health, good luck, the best in her school and many more. There is also a sweet surprise for her. A prince charming has waited outside the ballroom and no one knows he was there. Prince Billy Davidson entered the wonderland ballroom carrying a bouquet for our Princess. Olivia can't stop smiling when she sees her prince standing beside her. Together with her family and Prince Billy, Olivia blow her 17th candle.

The wonderful night ends with a funny games by cabaret show and crazy disco time by DJ Josh. The princess dances together with her family and friends.