Sunday, January 28, 2018

Syehren Natalia Sweet 17th Birthday in "The Queen of Fairytale"

Once upon a time in a fairytale land, lives a kind and beautiful girl named Syehren Natalia. She is loved by all her family and friends. For celebrating the princess sweet 17th birthday, her family hold an amazing and grand party. It won't just to celebrate her 17th birthday, but also to crown her as The Queen of Fairytale. 
For the special princess, a big and grand castle complete with a luxury castle cake is standing tall in Ballroom Shangrila Hotel. And outside the castle, there is a very beautiful flower garden. 

This party is lead by Edric Tjandra and Fendy Chow. After opening ceremony by The Angel Percussion, our princess enter the room escorted by 4 kingdom ballroom dancers. Syehren looks perfect tonight! 
And to add the excitement, a very special guest star is coming. He is Joseph Vincent! The famous International YouTube Artist from America. Joseph sing a special song for Syehren and also do a romantic duet with her. 

Disco time by DJ WW closing the party. All the guests are dancing until 1AM! Really an amazing birthday party for our princess.
Organized and Artists booking by Full Color Party
MC by Edric Tjandra and Fendy Chow
Guest star by Joseph Vincent
Performance by DJ WW and The Angel Percussion
Photography by Erwin Wijanto

Friday, January 19, 2018

Widya Mary Sweet 17th Birthday Party in "The Enchanted Forest"

To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles..

Our fairy is celebrating her sweet 17th birthday. Her name is Widya Mary. You can enter the magical enchanted forest by walking through the flowers path. Once you arrived, you can see lots of cute animals, flowers and a swing to play with. 

Elegant performance by ballerinas open tonight’s party. Widya enter the magical forest looking beautiful with a red dress by Cynthia Tan and a tiara on her head. She is not alone, together with her are Fendy Chow and Nathan from Full Color Party Star. They walk through the flowers path and greeting all family and friends. 

The party continue with the candle ceremony. 16 of Widya’s best friends are on the main stage, each of them give their best gift and wishes to her. And then, the funniest fairy Bobby Tince come to sing a happy birthday song to her. Widya and her family together blow the 17th candle on the forest cake.
Bobby Tince is not alone, she is also there with the squad, The Golden Boys. They are known for their comical look and act. With their appearance, they succedd making all the guests laugh together. They also play exciting games together. Widya has variety of prizes for the guests.

DJ performance by DJ Josh complete the party, all guests are dancing together with Widya under the lights. No one can stop them from dancing. Really a magical dream party come true!