Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Full Color Entertainment Ajak Para Remaja Putra Ikuti Ajang Pencarian Bakat Online ‘The Next Indonesia Big Stars’

Halo, ada kabar seru, nih, untuk para remaja putra yang memiliki bakat menyanyi atau nge-dance. Full Color Entertainment mengajak para talenta muda untuk mengikuti ajang pencarian bakat 'The Next Indonesia Big Stars'.

Ya, untuk mengisi waktu selama masa karantina di rumah dengan kegiatan positif dalam rangka program Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar (PSBB) guna memutus mata rantai penyebaran virus Covid-19 ini, Full Color Entertainment mengajak para remaja putra yang memiliki bakat menyanyi atau nge-dance untuk mengikuti audisi ajang pencarian bakat secara online bertajuk, ‘The Next Indonesia Big Stars'.

David Ananda, Managing Director Full Color Entertainment, mengungkapkan bahwa banyaknya kawula muda Indonesia khususnya para remaja putra yang berbakat dalam bidang olah vokal alias menyanyi atau menari (dance), membuktikan saat ini para kawula muda itu membutuhkan wadah untuk menyalurkan bakat-bakat positif tersebut.

Selain itu, ajang pencarian bakat seperti ini pun pernah dilakukan oleh para personil Westlife, Boyzone bahkan Why Don't We (WDW) sekalipun. "Kawula muda Indonesia itu khususnya para remaja putra, sangat berbakat. Kami ingin selama masa karantina di rumah dalam program PSBB ini, bakat-bakat mereka itu bisa tersalurkan dalam kegiatan positif. Sebagai informasi, grup boyband seperti Westlife, Boyzone dan Why Don't We (WDW), juga lahir dari ajang pencarian bakat semacam ini," ujar David Ananda, menjelaskan.

Sementara itu, Joey Ferry, CEO Full Color Entertainment, mengatakan bahwa dalam ajang ini akan dicari sebanyak empat orang remaja putra berbakat dalam bidang menyanyi atau nge-dance. Hadiahnya tidak tanggung-tanggung, nantinya para pemenang dari ajang pencarian bakat ini bakal dijadikan grup musik atau boyband dan akan dibuatkan album lagu serta video klip. Lalu mereka akan tampil secara reguler sebagai opening act pada setiap konser artis internasional yang digelar oleh Full Color Entertainment. Selain itu, jika semua berjalan dengan baik, para pemenang akan diajak tur keliling Asia Tenggara bersama boyband dari luar negeri.

"Kami ingin menunjukkan kepada publik dan mungkin kepada dunia, bahwa wabah ini bukan halangan bagi para talenta-talenta muda Indonesia untuk terus berkarya dan bisa tetap eksis secara positif. Jika semua berjalan dengan baik, para pemenang akan diajak tur keliling Asia Tenggara bersama boyband dari luar negeri, " jelas Joey Ferry, mantap.

Untuk mengikuti ajang ini sangatlah mudah. Para calon peserta harus memenuhi beberapa persyaratan sebagai berikut:
1. Remaja Putra, berusia 16-20 tahun
2. Berpenampilan menarik
3. Mengirimkan biografi singkat, foto terbaru dan perkenalan diri dalam bentuk video
4. Memilih salah satu bakatnya yaitu menyanyi atau dance yang ditunjukkan dalam unggahan video atau Tik Tok
5. Mengirimkan video tadi ke email: dan
6. Batas akhir pengiriman video adalah tanggal 30 April 2020

Nah, tunggu apa lagi? Segera kirim karyamu untuk mengikuti ajang ini dan jadilah the next WDW. Informasi lebih lanjut, klik: atau follow @FullColorParty. Ingat,   #stayathome #stayproductive #dirumahaja

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Special Interview with THE SCRIPT

On 9th April 2018, friends and media partner for The Script concert in Jakarta were gathered together at DoubleTree Hotel Jakarta to have a special interview with Danny O'Donoghue, Glen Power and Mark Sheehan. Keep reading if you want to know more about The Script :)

Q: The Script has been working for 10 years now, and so many new artists rise between the time. How did you manage to stay on the line?
A: We make sure to manage our look and hardwork, and we are extremely hard behind the scenes to make sure everything is flawless. We wrote our songs from our heart. And the most important is to love each other.

Q: How are you doing after 7 years not coming to Indonesia?
A: We missed Indonesia. We love the heat, the moisture, and the food Nasi Goreng. We love it and always order nasi goreng everytime we eat. We are excited that we are here now and we think the concert is gonna wipe away all the missing for 7 years.

Q: This concert is your 2nd performance in Indonesia. Do you have any special preparation?
A: We will learn some bahasa to speak on the stage, and it works everywhere. With this Freedom Child world tour we want to spread positivity, spread good vibes around the world. And we just have a week free to recharge ourselves before this concert, so the show in Indonesia will going to be big and will be an interactive show. We taking cultural ideas from each country and add it to the show. We can't wait to spread love and positivity of Freedom Child in Indonesia. Freedom Child is an important album to us, and we want to share nothing but positive vibes, so we are very pleased to be here.

Q: Do you have any ritual before going on the stage?
A: Yes of course. We will shake hands to each other right before going on stage. And to clean the energy we drink a little vodka to calm our nerves. We also don't let anybody coming to the dressing room because we want to strech around and warm up before going to the stage.

Q: Do you message to Indonesian fans?
A: We gonna communicate on the stage, but I think our music says everything. Our new album is called "Freedom Child" because we figure that our freedom is under attack and we want you to have freedom. Freedom to love who you wanna love, freedom of expression, be who you wanna be, say what you wanna say. We feel that this is so important and a very strong message to bringing around the world. We glad that we can name our album with such a great message because everywhere we go we spread the same thing with everybody here. We love to see the word "freedom" everywhere on our CD, poster, t-shirt, merchandise and anything.

Q: Do you feel nervous before concert?
A: We guess yes, because we are really care that everybody has a good time. I think it's important to get nervous. The day when you don't get nervous then you should give up, because in my opinion it's means that you don't care. Nervous makes you perform better and make you focus. You got to remember like this is the first show. This show became real because of all the fans in Indonesia. They got on Instagram and Facebook and request us to come here. And we answered everybody direct message, we talked about this show quite a lot and they explained to me what it means to come here, and we felt really important. That's our responsibility to all people who will come to the show, we have to make a great job and when everybody leaves the stage they feel happy and enjoy the show.

Q: What do you think about The Script Family Indonesia?
A: You guys are very passionate. The fans here are the main reason why we are here. We have a massive followers from Indonesia. The fans here are very smart, they all push the button to get us here. It's been a long time we not coming to Indonesia, and we can't wait to meet all on the concert to see the people who brought us here.

Q: At first, Jakarta is not in your world tour list. Then, why you choose to have a concert in Jakarta?
A: Why we choose? Because all the fans here like "The Script come on please come.." We got lot of fans here. You guys play and sing our music, you are online everyday to spread about us. We want to honor that by coming here.

Q: What is the best moment or part or your favourite thing that happen in your concert?
A: Everybody has their favourite song and it means something to them. We hope when they sing our songs they sing it from their heart. We like it when they sing our song. We love to interact with the audience.

Q: Do you have any dream collaboration?
A: We've been lucky in the past that we able to perform with our favourite people, from rappers to singers. Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith. The Script music really goes well with hiphop, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, it'll be a cool combination. With Will.I.Am is crazy, the song so popular. We would love to try different genres.

Q: The Script songs has inspired many people around the world, like Superhero, Wall Of Fame, etc. What message do you want to deliver?
A: We think it's about being super positive. If you are going through a bad time, don't lose. We want to make you stronger. Our song is about extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. In Hall Of Fame we are not talking about people in the Olympics winning gold medal, we actually talking about teachers, people in the community, Priest, people who spread love and goodness, teachers, doctors, police, that's the reason we wrote the song.

"For our Indonesian fans, we wanna say thank you for being amazing and getting us all over here. All the petition, campaign and the things you do to bring us here. Thank you!" - The Script

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Syehren Natalia Sweet 17th Birthday in "The Queen of Fairytale"

Once upon a time in a fairytale land, lives a kind and beautiful girl named Syehren Natalia. She is loved by all her family and friends. For celebrating the princess sweet 17th birthday, her family hold an amazing and grand party. It won't just to celebrate her 17th birthday, but also to crown her as The Queen of Fairytale. 
For the special princess, a big and grand castle complete with a luxury castle cake is standing tall in Ballroom Shangrila Hotel. And outside the castle, there is a very beautiful flower garden. 

This party is lead by Edric Tjandra and Fendy Chow. After opening ceremony by The Angel Percussion, our princess enter the room escorted by 4 kingdom ballroom dancers. Syehren looks perfect tonight! 
And to add the excitement, a very special guest star is coming. He is Joseph Vincent! The famous International YouTube Artist from America. Joseph sing a special song for Syehren and also do a romantic duet with her. 

Disco time by DJ WW closing the party. All the guests are dancing until 1AM! Really an amazing birthday party for our princess.
Organized and Artists booking by Full Color Party
MC by Edric Tjandra and Fendy Chow
Guest star by Joseph Vincent
Performance by DJ WW and The Angel Percussion
Photography by Erwin Wijanto

Friday, January 19, 2018

Widya Mary Sweet 17th Birthday Party in "The Enchanted Forest"

To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles..

Our fairy is celebrating her sweet 17th birthday. Her name is Widya Mary. You can enter the magical enchanted forest by walking through the flowers path. Once you arrived, you can see lots of cute animals, flowers and a swing to play with. 

Elegant performance by ballerinas open tonight’s party. Widya enter the magical forest looking beautiful with a red dress by Cynthia Tan and a tiara on her head. She is not alone, together with her are Fendy Chow and Nathan from Full Color Party Star. They walk through the flowers path and greeting all family and friends. 

The party continue with the candle ceremony. 16 of Widya’s best friends are on the main stage, each of them give their best gift and wishes to her. And then, the funniest fairy Bobby Tince come to sing a happy birthday song to her. Widya and her family together blow the 17th candle on the forest cake.
Bobby Tince is not alone, she is also there with the squad, The Golden Boys. They are known for their comical look and act. With their appearance, they succedd making all the guests laugh together. They also play exciting games together. Widya has variety of prizes for the guests.

DJ performance by DJ Josh complete the party, all guests are dancing together with Widya under the lights. No one can stop them from dancing. Really a magical dream party come true!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Catherine Sweet 17th Birthday Party in Beautiful Creatures

Inspired by the supernatural love story movie, Beautiful Creatures, we made a unique birthday party for our beautiful birthday girl Catherine who loves unique yet romantic things.

The party starts with energic performances from The Angel Percussion. And then, the duet MC by Boy William and Rian Sasmita from Full Color Party Star enter the ballroom and presenting our main star of the night, Catherine. When she arrives in the ballroom of Double Tree Hotel she quickly captures the attention of all people there, they are Catherine’s beloved family and friends. Catherine looks stunning in symmetrical gown by Cynthia Tan, and she was escorted by 2 ballerinas. Boy William welcome her and gave her a sweet hug. Catherine also greet all her family and friends. 

The party continue with candle ceremony. 16 best friends of Catherine enter the ballroom with some questions about out birthday girl. Whoever can answer the questions right, they will get special price.
And the main ceremony begin, for upon her seventeenth birthday Catherine must undergo the Claiming, a process that will decide her fate forever: Light or Dark. Catherine’s parent are there to help her. And of course, our beautiful and kind girl get the Light side. 

The Overtunes come to sing her a happy birthday song. And together with Catherine, they had a great collaboration performance.

The party ended with disco time by DJ Tisha. All the guests had a great time together under the light. 


Organized by Full Color Party Organizer 
MC by Boy William and Rian Sasmita 
Special performances by The Overtunes, Angel Percussion and DJ Tisha 
Dress by Cynthia Tan 
Photography by Vaja Photo  

Friday, November 3, 2017

BOYZLIFE Live Concert in Jakarta

Bernostalgia Dengan Lagu-Lagu Boyzone Dan Westlife Bersama Keith & Brian Di Konser Boyzlife

Duo Keith Duffy (Boyzone) dan Brian McFadden (Ex-Westlife) yang dinamai Boyzlife barhasil menggelar konsernya pada, 21 May 2017 di Lagoon Garden, The Sultan Hotel & Residence, Jakarta. Diungkapkan di press conference, asal mula terbentuknya Boyzlife adalah dari obrolan iseng mereka saat mereka sedang bermain golf bersama. Adapun konsep dari konser ini seperti membawa kita ke era 90an untuk bernostalgia dan mengenang masa kejayaan Boyzone dan Westlife.

Malam harinya, Boyzlife menggelar rangkaian tour mereka di Asia dengan perhentian pertama di Indonesia. Konser yang dipromotori oleh Full Color Party ini cukup sukses menyedot antusias para kaum hawa, terutama mereka yang merupakan fans dari Boyzone dan juga Westlife. Konser dimulai dengan Delon Indonesian Idol 1 dengan membawakan ‘You Raise Me Up’, ‘Karena Cinta’ dan ‘Indah Pada Waktunya’. 

Dengan sedikit cuap-cuap dari Indra Bekti sebagai MC, kemudian tampillah Boyzlife membuka penampilan dengan lagu ‘World Of Our Own’. Penonton pun lansung serentak menyanyi bersama, yang lalu dilanjut dengan lagu milik Boyzone yaitu ‘Picture Of You’. Di tengah lagu, tiba-tiba saja Keith turun dari panggung dan berjalan menuju penonton di bagian Silver. Ternyata dia membuka pembatas antara area Silver dan Gold supaya penonton bisa maju ke depan dan seru-seruan bareng mereka di dekat panggung. Sehingga tidak ada lagi pembatas antar kelas.

Setelah penonton berhamburan ke depan memenuhi (bahkan menutupi penonton yang duduk di area Diamond) area tepi panggung menjadi lebih semarak. Keith dan Brian pun menjadi lebih semangat untuk melanjutkan acara. Di lagu ke-tiga, mereka membawakan lagu ‘Words’ yang cukup slow. Di lagu ini Brian mengajak satu gadis kecil untuk naik ke atas panggung. Anak ini ternyata hafal lagu ‘Words’, guys! Bahkan lucunya dia nyanyi sambil nangis. Aw, too cute! Dan suaranya pun bagus. Keith pun sampai memberi komentar, “Wow, Jakarta’s Got Talent!”, begitu candanya.

Kayla, begitu nama anak kecil ini, diajak naik lagi ke panggung saat mereka membawakan lagu ‘Mandy’ dan ‘No Matter What’. “I’m having the best night of my life”, begitu ungkap Kayla. Brian dan Keith pun tampak tersenyum dan terpesona dengan suara Kayla dan dia memang benar-benar hafal lirik lagu-lagu ini. Setelah Mandy, mereka membawakan lagu ‘I Love The You Love Me’ yang diiringi mas David dari pihak promotor dan seorang wanita yang berdansa di panggung. Romantis sekali ya.  

Sebelum membawakan ‘Queen Of My Heart’, Brian mengatakan lagu ini mereka persembahkan untuk all the ladies. (Or single ladies?). Sesaat sebelum itu Keith mengkomando penonton untuk menyalakan lampu yang ada di ponsel masing-masing untuk efek cahaya yang menyerupai cahaya bintang di langit. So beautiful. Keith dan Brian pun mengabadikan momen ini di ponsel mereka.

Dilanjut dengan lagu ‘You Needed Me’ dan lagu ‘No Matter What’ – yang khas sekali dulu dibawakan oleh mendiang Stephen Gately dengan suara tinggi yang tampaknya agak sulit untuk disamai oleh Keith dan Brian. Sebuah lagu milik Westlife, yaitu ‘Swear It Again’ yang merupakan debut single mereka itu dipersembahkan untuk Steve. Diceritakan oleh Keith, di setiap konser Boyzone, mereka pun selalu akan mendedikasikan satu atau dua lagu untuk Steve. 

Setelah ‘Swear It Again’, mereka pun membawakan single pertama Boyzone, yaitu: ‘Love Me For A Reason’. Para penonton tak henti-hentinya bernyanyi bersama. Sebelum membawakan lagu ‘Father and Son’, Keith sempat menceritakan bahwa anak pertamanya, Jay, kini sudah berusia 21 tahun. Jay kini berprofesi sebagai aktor. Keith juga mengatakan bahwa sesaat setelah Jay lahir, dia langsung tur dunia dengan Boyzone, salah satunya adalah mengunjungi Indonesia. Diungkapkan Keith, tur keliling dunia dan bisa menemui fans adalah merupakan kebahagiaan tersendiri meskipun resikonya dia harus sering meninggalkan keluarga mereka. 

Lagu-lagu slow sudah dinyanyikan, akhirnya giliran lagu-lagu upbeat yang dibawakan. Berurutan mereka pun membawakan ‘When The Going Gets Tough’ dan ‘Uptown Girl’. Penonton pun langsung seru-seruan nyanyiin lagu-lagu ini sama-sama. Agak aneh memang mendengarkan lagu-lagu yang biasa didominasi oleh suara Ronan Keating dan Shane Filan dibawakan oleh Keith dan Brian. Namun para penonton tampak senang-senang saja nyanyi dan seru-seruan bareng. 

Sempat menghilang sebentar ke belakang panggung, kemudian Brian muncul lagi dan membawakan hits milik Westlife, ‘Flying Without Wings’. Sayangnya ada sedikit technical problem saat mereka membawakan medley. Brian dan Keith pun menutupi kekurangan ini sambil bercanda dan bahkan mereka sempat turun dari panggung dan berjalan melewati para penonton untuk menuju ke area Silver lagi. Langsung saja para penonton mendekati Keith dan Brian supaya bisa melihat mereka lebih dekat lagi. Ketika kembali ke panggung, Keith dan Brian minta maaf atas kejadian ini. 

Encore yang dibawakan secara medley dibawakan berturut-turut adalah: ‘I Love The Way You Love Me’, ‘Swear It Again’, ‘Mandy’, ‘Baby Can I Hold You Tonight’, ‘Queen of My Heart’, ‘You Needed Me’, ‘Unbreakable’, ‘Words’ dan ditutup dengan ‘World Of Our Own’.

Boyzlife Set List — Jakarta 21 May 2017
World Of Our Own
Picture Of You
I Love The Way You Love Me
Queen Of My Heart
You Needed Me
No Matter What
Swear It Again
Love Me For A Reason
Father And Son
Fool Again
Key To My Life
If I Let You Go
When The Going Gets Tough
Uptown Girl
Flying Without Wings
I Love The Way You Love Me
Swear It Again
Baby Can I Hold You Tonight
Queen Of My Heart
You Needed Me
World Of Our Own

Photos from many sources.. Thanks all for the great pictures

Friday, March 24, 2017

Bringing Back The Memories with AIR SUPPLY

Setelah sempat tertunda 3 bulan lamanya, konser Duo Legendaris Air Supply akhirnya sukses digelar pada tanggal 3 Maret 2017 yang lalu di The Kasablanka Hall, Mall Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta Selatan. Semula konser ini rencananya digelar 3 Desember 2016, tapi karena kesehatan dari sang vokalis Russell Hitchcock yang menurun, Air Supply meminta Promotor Full Color Entertainment untuk menunda konser tersebut sampai tanggal 3 Maret 2017.

Malam itu The Kasablanka Hall dipadati oleh penonton yang sangat antusias ingin menyaksikan Konser Air Supply. Dari range umur, saya memperkirakan didominasi oleh penonton berumur diatas 30 sampai 50 tahun an. Ya, Air Supply adalah band yang mengalami masa Golden Years-nya pada akhir 80-an dan 90-an. Sepertinya hampir semua pecinta musik pada dekade itu hapal dengan hits-hits nya seperti ; “Making Love Out of Nothing at All”, “Without You”, “Every Woman” “Good Bye”, “Lost in Love” dan lain-lain. Lagu-lagu ballad Air Supply merajai chart-chart dan radio-radio station di manca negara pada masa itu.

Setidaknya ada 16 lagu yang dibawakan duo Soft Rock Air Supply dalam konser-nya kali ini. Musisi dan Penyanyi asal Australia ini membuka konsernya dengan “Sweet Dreams“, disusul “Even The Nights” dan “Just As I am“.  Walaupun mereka masing-masing sudah berusia 66 tahun untuk Graham Cyril Russell dan 67 tahun untuk Russel Hitchcock, tapi penampilan mereka tetap prima, dan berhasil memberikan suguhan konser yang pasti akan selalu diingat oleh semua penggemar yang menyaksikan mereka pada malam itu.

Pada lagu-lagu berikutnya seperti “Every Woman“, “Here I Am“, “Chances“, “Good Bye“, “Free To Love“, “Two Less Lonely“, “The One That You Love” dan “Lost In Love” penonton terlihat tidak berhenti untuk ikut untuk ber-sing along. Rata-rata semua penonton yang datang sepertinya adalah fans berat dari Air Supply.

Puncak dari kemeriahan konser ini adalah waktu Graham dan Russell dan kawan-kawan memainkan “Making Love Out Of Nothing at All“, “Without You“, serta lagu berirama Rock N Roll “Shake It”, Koor Penonton semakin membahana di arena konser. Air Supply menutup konser malam itu dengan “All Out Of Love“.

Secara keseluruhan Konser yang mengusung tema ”Air Supply 40th Anniversary – Celebration of Love Concert” ini berlangsung lancar dan sukses. Penonton juga sangat antusias, terlihat semua kursi yang disediakan terisi penuh.

Air Supply Set List – Jakarta 3 Maret 2017

Sweet Dreams,
Even the Nights
Just I am
Every Woman
Here I am
Good Bye
Free To Love
Two Less Lonely
The One That You Love
Lost In Love
I Adore You
Making Love Out Of Nothing at All
Without You
Shake it
All Out of Love

Article by: CreativeDisc
Photography by: Erwin Wijanto